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CLASSICS: Our 5 Favorite Moments From the Film ‘Boomerang’

n our Classics segment we will be discussing our top list of superlatives from black films that we’ve grown to love, from funniest scenes, best dialogue, to actor scene stealing moments. And in todays post we will be giving you our favorite moments from the 1992 Eddie Murphy film “Boomerang”, featuring an ensemble cast from Halle Berry, Martin Laurence, Chris Rock and John Witherspoon.

Boomerang is about a cocky ladies man ad executive (Eddie Murphy) who gets a taste of his own medicine after a merger finds him working under the beautiful Jacqueline (Robin Givens), who has a similar cavalier attitude about love. This film is chalked full of laughs, romance and performances from some of our top black actors early on in their careers. So here is our list of the 5 greatest moments from Boomerang.

1. Mack Daddy Vibe

This scene makes our list because it shows the seductive potential of Jacqueline and let’s us know the trouble she will be for Marcus. The two engage in the type of flirting that would raise eyebrows for an HR department when Marcus accuses her of trying to seduce him. She knows her power and ability to control him and uses it at will. However, Marcus plays it cool and funny as always.

2. Essence of Sex

This hilarious scene shows the skills of Marcus as an ad executive when he convinces Lloyd to come back and tries to win over the difficult client Strangé played by Grace Jones. But it’s Strangé who steals the show with her over the top explicit behavior causing cringe worthy reactions from everyone in attendance and is what makes this scene one to remember.

3. Co-ordinate

Who can forget the famous catchphrases from John Witherspoon which have become known as Spoonisms. This scene makes our list for Eddie and John’s terrific ad-libbing skills about his mushroom outfit that turns into one of John’s most famous catchphrases many still use today. Along with his signature “Bang Bang Bang” in the scene to follow.

4. Why You Asking?

What we love about this scene is Marcus’ honesty. He could have lied to Gerard about sleeping with Angela, but he owns up to it and makes this scene a great character moment. Along with a funny scene from Martin Lawrence about racism using the analogy of the game of pool.

5. What Do You Know About Love?

And finally, our favorite moment from the Boomerang film is the slap from Angela. Angela, played by a young Halle Berry, comes off very sweet and vulnerable in this film. But when Marcus does her wrong by coming home late after spending a night with Jacqueline, she doesn’t hold back in letting him know just how she feels. It’s a great character moment from Angela as we love seeing her stand up for herself.

Did we leave any out? What are some of your favorite moments? Let us know in the comments below.

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